Discovering the History of an Enfield Rifle

Discovering the History of an Enfield Rifle

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Well I for one have had many an hour scratching my head trying to decipher what they all the markings mean. So in order to help, I have put together the following set of images and pictures to help shed some light on the matter. I have taken the markings directly from rifles to give an as accurate as possible image from which you are able to compare against. If you have markings that you are able to shed light or elaborate on please do.

Also if you have images that may be of use please feel fee to contact me as I am sure they would help add to the website.

I’m new to the forum so forgive me if this question has already been addressed. I just purchased a No4 mk1 with a serial number of U25xxx. I just .

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Information that can be obtained from the headstamp is extremely varied and depends on the intended purpose or use of the cartridge and who manufactured it. Headstamps consist of one or more parts or information elements. Cartridges intended for sporting or civilian use usually have two elements; one identifies the specific chambering, the other identifies the manufacturer.

Military cartridges can have from one to five elements, including cartridge, date and place of manufacture plus other identifying markings. Some headstamps are segmented, that is, these have one or more segment lines that divide the head into two to four equal parts. This usually indicates an older cartridge, since most countries discontinued segment lines shortly after World War I.

Provided surplus M Enfield rifles and blue-grey wool uniforms made in the state’s penitentiaries, the Virginia Protective Force assumed the in-state missions of the Virginia National Guard when it was called to federal service.

This collector’s title covers the British Enfield No. Also includes accoutrements, cleaning tools, bayonets issued and more. The British Enfield No. The British Tommy and the troops of the former British Commonwealth counted on their Short Magazine Lee-Enfields for nearly 90 years, and many are still in use today. Skip Stratton, who maintains the Enfield Rifle Research Internet web site and is a collector of long standing, has written a superb book that provides a well-organized, detailed look from the collector’s perspective at this fine rifle series.

Dozens of charts and illustrations take you through seven manufacturers on three continents and seventy years of production to identify each variation of every single part of the rifle. Stratton shows you how to determine which parts are correct for each manufacturer and each period of manufacture. Original or arsenal reconditioned? It takes more than the date on the action body to determine that.


Checked for working condition 2. Fired with proof round and checked for damage 3. Accepted by the Ordnance Department The maker’s mark and Ordnance wheel went on the center side of the stock below the back end of the receiver. The circled ‘P’ went on the pistol grip halfway between the trigger guard and bottom.

British troops with Lee Enfield rifles and a Lewis gun in Dublin in The Volunteers borrowed, bought and stole Lee Enfields wherever they could in the months leading up the Rising.

This was a standard set by the Royal Small Arms Factory, due to the fact that no other standards existed. Another contributory factor was that the threads had been “inherited” from previous models of rifle, probably dating back to the Pattern ‘ The “Enfield Thread Form” appears not to be consistent, varying between different examples of threads per inch. The forms have been established as far as possible. This work was carried out by the MoD Pattern Room. At the moment there is no intention of publishing the forms, at least not until they have been established beyond reasonable doubt.

Not all the threads shown below are “Enfield”. Although now obsolete, tooling for BA threads can still be obtained. I am indebted to Ian Skennerton, who gave permission to use the component references from his “Small Arms Identification Series”. There are bound to be errors in this data, users do so on their own responsibility. Ex Tenebris per Ignem ad Lumen – “From darkness, through the fire, into the light”. A representation on the process of learning.

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The International models were introduced in and phased out by Internationals were greatly improved for. For availability and prices, visit my Martini Sales List Click Here Model 4 Australian Pattern 60, small action martini rifles were produced for the Australian government as training rifles in. Serial numbers of the commercial rifles began just under 9, in , and ended in with the high 59, range.

No martini rifles were produced from November, until July because of the war.

There were 4 different Enfield rifles made for the military, and others for civilian use. The link below will take you to an article of serial number blocks for different rifles. Answered.

The M was valued as a tool to the soldier because if its sheer power, high speed projectile and its accuracy. Also during this early time in the bolt action rifle’s history, the introduction of the Pederson device which was used to allow the M to fire the. During World War II additional manufacturers were added to the list of makers of the M , namely Remington and Smith-Corona known for their typewriters.

The Smith Corona M rifle usually does not have any markings on the rifle, as many were produced in haste to fulfill the war demand. By the time that the M A4 was the Army’s first standardized sniper rifle, but it was not well received mainly because optics were not evolved enough, with only low magnification and was prone to moisture gathering in the scope. This rifle was mainly phased out of service before the Korean War in favor of the M1 Garand and M1 Rifles but is still used by honor guards and different drill squads.

Remingtons started production in with serial number 3, , , it was during this time that the finger grooved walnut stock was replaced by cheaper versions and the M A3 was born. Visually they can be distinguished easily by the smaller aperture rear sight instead of the barrel mounted sight like previous rifles.

How do you tell the age of a lee enfield

The early production dates, the low production numbers, and the issue rate are all factors in the relative rarity of these rifles. It is possible to find these early rifles in very good or better condition but most will show the years of usage in wear and tear. They are without a doubt a very important piece of any Mosin Nagant collection.

The original Charlton Automatic Rifles were converted from obsolete Lee–Metford and Magazine Lee–Enfield rifles dating from as early as the Boer War, and were intended for use as a semi-automatic rifle with the full-automatic capability retained for emergency use. It used the round Lee–Enfield magazines and modified round Bren.

The firm has gained an impressive record of inovation, adaptation and tenacity! Making muzzle loading guns and rifles of the highest quality including Samuel Bakers first 4 bore heavy charge rifle, under the direction of the founder George Gibbs Snr. Some 10, were built by Gibbs and under licence in the next 15 years! Johns Bridge capable of producing over hand made guns and rifles a year.

Gibbs Catalogue from Gibbs Catalogues from In the 20th century the design of the. Crudgington who in turn sold the firm to his son Mark Crudgington in Brought up near Bath some of his earliest memories are of accompanying his father Ian , shooting and watching in wonder as everything from flintlocks to. Neal at Bishopstrow house and looking at the finest private collection of antique firearms ever assembled or pigeon shooting with Chris Cradock were important stepping stones provided by his father that led to Mark starting his apprenticeship at his fathers firm of I.

Crudgington Ltd in Returning to Bath in Mark has been an independent gun and rifle maker until his purchase of George Gibbs Ltd.

The British Enfield

Tweet This family of manually-operated, Mauser-style bolt action rifles originated with the Pattern Enfield or P13 that was an experimental rifle developed due to the combat experience of the British Army during the Second Boer War — During this conflict, the British had been faced with very good Boer marksmen armed with the Mauser Model in 7x57mm calibre, a weapon that they used to outshoot the British, armed as they were with the Lee Metford and Lee Enfield rifles then in service.

This was mainly due it must be said, to the Boers having to hunt, stalk and shoot game in the open terrain of the South African Veldt, which gives very little cover to an approaching threat, to poor sighting in, patchy training, and the unusual phenomenon of our rifles firing with a left-hand twist to their rifling, rather than a right-hand one.

Rifles with a left-hand twist seem to be slightly more accurate in the Northern Hemisphere, while rifles with a right-hand twist i.

Small-bore and/ calibre Lee Enfield Training Rifles from the Long-Lee through Rifles numbers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and Swift.

The 49th carried Muster Austrian rifles in “. The 51st carried Muster Austrian rifles in “. The 63rd carried “Austrian rifles” they had been issued 2 days before the battle. The problem at Milliken’s Bend was two fold: The black troops had had no opportunity to train with their weapons prior to the battle, assuming that their officers had enough knowledge of the Austrian arms to provide adequate training, which the officers probably did not.

Army published an excellent German language manual on the Muster family of arms in as significant numbers of them were issued to the K. K Army troops in the field.

The British Lee Enfield From 1895 til 1957

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