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LOGO TV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows

The film advocates strongly for a vegan diet, and criticizes the consumption of meat and dairy products. The downside is that many of these films terrify the general public into thinking that everything about their lifestyle is going to result in cancer, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and possibly death. The Good The conversation of being consciously aware of our food system i. However, these conversations can be presented without making the average viewer think their morning egg breakfast will result in cancer. Which leads me to my next point… The Bad Though there is some relevant information presented, most of the facts and statistics used are inaccurate or blown out of proportion. The pro-vegan argument presented in What the Health is supported by hand-picked facts from individual studies and then generalized to cover large food categories.


Netflix Canada We did real good in terms of binge-watching in , no? During his confinement, he recalls the events leading up to his murderous plan and his reasons for deciding to take such drastic action. Age of Shadows Synopsis:

 · Lonely Mikey (Katt Williams) — a short, bike-riding burger flipper — doesn’t seem to have much going for him. That is, until he enters the world of online dating, where he describes himself as a 7-foot-tall L.A. Lakers basketball ://

I am sure these adult movies on Netflix are going to do the perfect job for you. With great ratings and critical acclaims, these movies make way to be the classic ones and not just the plain dull sex only. And I think these handpicked classics dating from 90s to now be going to make excellent picks for this category. You can check out the list here along with the Netflix links to directly access them for online streaming.

The content which are uploaded on Netflix vary according to the location of a user. This means every country witnesses different shows and movies. Moreover, this causes trouble in accessing most of the links mentioned here. But you can access them by using VPN service which will allow you to access various regional servers. You can connect to the server USA to access these links.

This is a Black and White sexy comedy drama which is perfect for streaming on weekend because trust me 90s movies are just pure gold. So the main character of the story is Nola Darling who is a young girl living in Brooklyn. While goofing around with all of them she is still afraid to commit to either of them. So, the movie proceeds with Nola fulfilling her desires with these men around her life.

The movie shows her sexually liberated lifestyle explicitly which makes the movie strictly for adults only.

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The Good grab some popcorn and enjoy the show: After one night of death and destruction when they were kids, Kaylie is convinced that the antique mirror, the Lasser Glass, is behind it. Now, they both try to break the possession to prevent more death.

 · The Netflix Original Amanda Knox documentary shows us a different side. They show us facts that all add up and tell us things that actually make sense. This documentary is extra special because Amanda Knox and her ex-lover both speak in the ://

Lost in Space Lost in Space reboots the — CBS television series of the same title, which also had a film adaptation released in Parker Posey has been confirmed to play the role of Dr. Smith, originally a male character. There’s no word yet if the cast from either the film or the original series, including the likes of Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc, and Lacey Chabert will be appearing in the episode series. If those high-profile stars don’t appear in the upcoming film it will probably be because they are busy with other projects.

Graham showcases her versatility as an actress not only through mainstream and indie films, but with many other unique roles as well. Earlier this year, she was revealed as the new face fronting popular UK gaming brand Foxy Bingo. Altered Carbon Altered Carbon is a steampunk series, set at a time when consciousness had been digitized and stored into people’s spines. This allows them to escape physical death by having their memories and consciousness uploaded into new bodies.

The story revolves around Takechi Kovacs, a soldier who was commissioned by the aristocrat Laurens Bancroft. The mission is to discover who murdered his physical body just hours before his latest memory was backed up on his stack. It left him with no clue as to who was the assailant, and this is ultimately what the story revolves around.

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In , he was asked by ABC News to submit a purported alien implant in his leg to medical examination. When the time came, Romanek claimed it had disappeared from his body. The Rocky Mountain Paranormal research group recreated a famous video produced by Romanek, purporting to show a little green man peeking in his window.

 · People dedicated to rejecting the American ideal that things bring happiness are interviewed in this documentary showing the virtues of less is more. Watch trailers & learn ://

NFLX has over million subscribers worldwide, but it has to be constantly innovating in order to keep them all entertained. That’s why the video streaming company is diving further into a new choose-your-own-adventure format, according to Bloomberg. The first choose-your-own-adventure program will be for one episode of the upcoming season of Black Mirror that’s expected this December, but Netflix is already developing more interactive projects for Netflix to experiment with new show formats This wouldn’t be Netflix’s first foray into interactive shows.

Back in April , the company released a children’s series titled Kong: King of the Apes that included episodes that only unlocked after you had watched certain episodes. To keep children invested in the series, achievement icons popped up on the screen to let them know when they had unlocked one of the bonus episodes. In addition, Netflix has released a small number of choose-your-own-adventure programs for children.

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Share 4k shares Showing off her ample assets, toned midriff and slender legs, the star proved she was in fantastic shape as she enjoyed a rare day off from her punishing schedule. The star also revealed her arm tattoos before letting her hair flow over her shoulders. Going make-up free for her day sitting on sunloungers with friends, the Bad Romance hitmaker swept her platinum locks up into a low-maintenance ponytail as she chatted without a care in the world Blonde beauty:

 · BBC bosses have branded Netflix show Our Planet a rip-off of their own ­programmes about Earth and accused the network of stealing ­presenter Sir David ://

Joe Swanberg Joe Swanberg , bless his unfailing tenacity, appears to get behind the camera and hope everything works out for the best. This is especially true when it does work out for the best, as it does in Win it All. The story hangs off of him, off of his work, his emoting, the physical quality to his self-presentation before a lens. It means a lot that Swanberg and Johnson both care on a profoundly human level for Eddie.

You probably have an Eddie figure in your life, whether you know it or not: The people in his life care about him, his creators care about him, and so of course we care about him, too, even at his worst, even as he invites troubles and hazards into his life against all fair warnings given him by his support system. Juliette Binoche plays a single mother opening up a chocolate shop in a tiny French village. Nomadic chocolatier Vianne causes a scandalous stir in the conservative village when she opens her shop during lent, making an enemy of the village mayor Alfred Molina.

None of that is unique, though having it all come together as well as it does in Beautiful Girls is certainly unusual. What is uncommon, however—and pretty much absent from Hollywood—is its portrait of attraction between an older man and a young, barely teenaged girl.

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However, if the association of red meat and colorectal cancer were proven to be causal, data from the same studies suggest that the risk of colorectal cancer could increase by 17 percent for every gram portion of red meat eaten daily. Kip follows patients battling debilitating illnesses like diabetes and documents their progress after switching to an all-plant diet.

All showed signs of dramatic improvement within just two weeks. In one heated interview, Robert Ratner, chief officer at the American Diabetes Association, outright denies promoting diet plans on its website which includes foods associated with causing diabetes. But you can still see the food suggestions on its website today: The American Diabetes Association recommends meal plans with food associated with diabetes Picture:

Talhotblond follows the true story of one of the first online love triangles — though this one resulted in murder. A middle-aged woman used her daughter’s photos on an online dating service and lured two young men into her ://

Nice family oriented romantic comedy!! Ravi is feeling the pressure of being a about to turn 30 year old Indian-American man, who as far as his parents are concern has never even been on a date, cause he hid his 2 year relationship with a white American girl from them. After Ravi breaks up with her he attempts to give Indian culture style dating a try to please the very large family that thinks he should be married with kids by now.

It’s a hysterical look at how cultures differ, but at the core stay the same, as Ravi deals with parents who feel that his happiness would be with the perfect Indian wife, his struggle with being both culturally Indian and American, and his annoying older sister, Geeta who thought it would be a good idea to document his turmoil. It is one of the best comedies I have seen. Through her brother, Geeta attempts to document how Indian dating culture is different from American culture, Yet what she accomplished was creating a narrative that’s relatable down to the core.

It’a a fun comedy, every minute was enjoyable, it was funny throughout. Was this review helpful to you?

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Hbo online dating documentary list Example has activity the better dates spot quizzes hbo documentary online dating Doubt, that france in email, required book. Thirteen, minute episodes of the single camera comedy series have been ordered. This is HBO’s first deal licensing its content to a streaming service. On average Amazon is targeting a year-end date for adding the HBO service. Back then, the general stigma attached to online dating revolved.

But Bloomberg, who was ranked fourth on Forbes’ list of most..

Recommended: 10 Indian documentaries on Netflix that you must watch. Netflix was launched in India on 6 January, and faces stiff competition from other online streaming channels (Source: Netflix) Photograph: Others Follow Us. WION Delhi, India May 11, , dating back to the Mughal era. This was a time when shoes were made from

Life and Death of a Serial Killer Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer focuses on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who was executed in for killing six men in Florida. This is actually the second documenary that filmmaker Nick Broomfield did on Wuornos, but this one includes his personal testimony at her trial. Netflix 2 of 22 Amanda Knox Amanda Knox focuses on the exchange student’s infamous murder trial.

The documentary includes candid interviews with the titular subject regarding her trial, retrial, and subsequent release from the Italian prison she lived in for so long. Netflix 3 of 22 The Confession Tapes The Confession Tapes takes a look at a collection of true crime cases, rather than one in particular. Most of the cases involve a lack of evidence, devious psychological tactics, or confessions that may not be legitimate.

He served seven years in prison and was deported to Ireland, where he lives free today. The documentary features interviews with him, as well as the theory that Church officials took steps to conceal his crimes from the public.

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