SIMPLE IRA Plan FAQs Contributions

SIMPLE IRA Plan FAQs Contributions

Each eligible employee may make a salary reduction contribution and the employer must make either a: Employee contributions What is a salary reduction contribution? Employers must permit their employees to elect to have salary reduction contributions made at an employee-specified level, expressed as a percentage of compensation for the year or as a specific dollar amount. An employer may not place any restrictions on the amount of an employee’s salary reduction contributions, except to comply with the annual limit on salary reduction contributions. The salary reduction contributions under a SIMPLE IRA plan are “elective deferrals” that count toward the overall annual limit on elective deferrals an employee may make to this and other plans permitting elective deferrals. You’re generally required to either: If you choose to make nonelective contributions, you must make them for all eligible employees whether or not they make salary reduction contributions. Can I reduce the 3-percent matching contribution? You may elect to reduce the 3-percent matching contributions for a calendar year, but only if:


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